The George Mason University Arts Research Center is a multidisciplinary research center involving the expertise of three faculty members at George Mason University, with a focus on arts engagement, child development, and education. The overarching goal of the Mason Arts Research Center is to investigate the role and effects of arts engagement, across all art forms, on social and emotional development in educational, out of school, and other contexts. This center is funded by the National Endowment for the Arts as part of its Research Labs program. For more on the NEA Research Labs program, click here.

Principal Investigators

Dr. Thalia Goldstein

 Dr. Goldstein is Assistant Professor of Applied Developmental Psychology at George Mason University.  More…

Dr. Adam Winsler

Dr. Winsler is a Professor of Applied Developmental Psychology and Associate Chair for graduate studies in the Psychology Department at George Mason University.  More…

Dr. Kimberly Sheridan

Dr. Sheridan is an associate professor with a joint appointment in Educational Psychology and Art Education at George Mason University. More…


Artistic License and Scientific Truth
This Blog post is by Thalia R. Goldstein and cross posted on her blog.  Science is concerned with finding the truth about the world. The best outcome in a scientific study is that it produces verifiable, replicable facts about the biological, chemical, physical, or psychological world. The same is not true in…
Where does Acting Come from?
by Thalia R. Goldstein, and cross posted on her blog: The Mind OnStage   Acting is ancient, cross cultural, and richly rewarded (if you’re lucky). It is also only done by humans. With few exceptions. While Lassie, Flipper, and The Famous Mr. Ed may all be examples of animals trained to act and…
The Mason Arts Research Center is very excited to present our inaugural convening, (2)
Registration is open for practitioners, researchers, arts organizations, funders, and policy makers, as well as students, here
Poster proposals may be submitted via google site: here.  Posters will be accepted on a rolling basis and may present research findings, organizational questions, information about funding opportunities, or other information on child development, research, and the arts.
Current Event Schedule

Sponsors and Arts Partners

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